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So who are we?

In recent years there has been an increased need for suitable therapeutic solutions for children and families abroad. This is why we created a comprehensive therapy arrangement including a team of experienced professionals from a range of different fields and specializations. This is in order to put together the perfect therapy for you and for your child. Remote therapy solutions have proven their effectiveness, and this is how Local-li came about. We are here to give you the most professional solution for you, anywhere in the world.


The Local-li center gives you access to the best of the best among the experts and therapists in Israel, whenever it suits you. Our professionals can give you the solution to dealing with the various challenges that you may be facing. This is done intuitively and without having to compromise on either quality of life or the quality of the therapy. We meet the highest professional standards.

The center was founded by Ben Farhat, a certified behavioral therapist and lecturer who has also developed educational models to be implemented in the education system and in therapies.

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