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Ben Farhat - Manager and founder of the therapy center

Dear parents,

The Local-li Therapy Center was founded in order to provide a range of therapies in a supporting and inclusive environment anywhere in the world. The staff of the Center is professional and experienced therapists.


We are certain that consulting with a professional at the right time will help you overcome the difficulties in the development processes of your child. Doing this will even allow your child to grow up healthily, and your family life will be enhanced. We believe that every child is inherently creative. This can form the basis for development, personal growth, and achieving the child’s potential. In this process, strength and abilities are used as a means to develop the different capabilities of the child in a creative and accepting manner.

When a child comes to our center, we deem it important to see this child as a world of its own but also as a member of different groups: family, the educational setting, friends etc. The success of the treatment can be measured by the ability of the child to function in their regular environment. This will show in the child’s natural environment. It goes without saying that we all feel a great deal of satisfaction whenever we see a child who makes progress over the course of their therapy. Having said that, the real test is the stage when the child shows functional, emotional skills and feelings outside the therapy room.

A happy child learns and makes progress. This is why it is important to us that every child who comes to the center feels comfortable, experiences successes, and believes in their abilities. We ensure that your child will not feel like a ‘patient’. Our therapy combines experiences with games.

I am aware of the privilege that I have been given by having the opportunity to help children be happy, strong, functioning, and to accompany them on their smooth transition to a successful life.

Ben Farhat



  • Psychology and Education - Tel Aviv University, Israel

  • Diploma in Behavioral therapy - University of Baltimore, USA and the Zinman College for Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the Wingate Institute, Israel

  • Training courses: Guidance of therapists diploma by the Israeli Ministry of Health

  • Building a therapy program for the Israeli Ministry of Welfare

  • Autism - Diagnosis and therapy options - Bar-Ilan University, Israel

  • Sex Ed for people with special needs, Israeli Ministry of Welfare




More than 20 years’ experience in the field of diagnosis, training, and therapy for children with special needs.


My work entails accompanying families, kindergartens, and schools for children with special needs. I carry out evaluations, build therapeutic programs, and guide the teams and the families.


Chimes Israel: an organization that provides services for children and adults with special needs, including trisomy disorders

Akim: the largest organization in Israel for people with special needs

Meshi: an organization with kindergartens and schools for children with special needs

Ohel Sarah: schools, sheltered employment and living arrangements for people with special needs, mainly people with Down syndrome

Olal kindergarten network: kindergartens for children aged 3-7 years with developmental delay, including children with Down syndrome


Management positions:

Managing child rehabilitation daycare centers - Chimes

Managing a boarding school for children with special needs - Akim

Managing Olal special-education kindergartens


Over the course of the more than twenty years that I have been working in different settings for children, and in all of them I worked with children with Down syndrome. This way I got to know the challenges specific to this condition as well as the best therapeutic approaches


Over the years, I have also been a lecturer at different institutions: universities, colleges, and courses for the Israeli Ministry of Welfare and the Israeli Ministry of Education.


I was part of a team that developed a national model for building therapeutic programs for children with special needs in Israel. I have developed a number of different therapeutic models suitable for working with children with special needs. These models form the basis for building tailor-made therapy programs aimed at teaching the ability to learn and to function, increasing motivation to function in different areas, establishing normal relationships, and decreasing unwelcome forms of behavior.

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